We love cheese. We love yogurt. Ice cream too, and so many other animal based products that are fundamental to our culture and heritage. But using animals to produce these treats is extremely wasteful and destructive. 

In early 2019 we founded Stockeld Dreamery to challenge the status quo and reinvent the foods we love. Starting with cheese.

We're a company where doers dare to dream, but even more so – where dreamers dare to do. We have a strong conviction that tastier and more nutritious alternatives to our favorite foods can be developed. We just haven’t tried hard enough.


Sorosh, CEO, previously founded, ran and eventually sold a software company, Videoplaza, with close to 100 employees across 8 offices. Before starting Stockeld Dreamery, Sorosh spent two years exploring new business ideas where reducing climate impact could be built into the business model. He deep-dived into the world of alternative proteins, micro algae and Duckweed, before deciding to go all in on creating the world’s most ambitious cheese together with Anja.

Sorosh was born in Iran, raised in Sweden, lived four years in London and two years in NYC before moving back to Stockholm in early 2017. He holds a Masters from the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm School of Economics.


Stockeld Dreamery is also backed by investors such as Purple Orange Ventures, Martas Explorers, Edastra, Kale United, and Trellis Road, as well as angels such as Henry Soesanto, Josh Ismin, Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Alexander Ljung, Daniel Skavén Ruben and David Frenkiel.


MARCH 15, 2021.

" Noquo Foods has rebranded itself as
Stockeld Dreamery the company announced today,
as it prepares to launch its plant-based
cheese product in a little over a
month from now."



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